data|APX is taking on the Norwegian market

Once again we expand our network of digital and data-driven utilities. This time we are further strengthening our position in the Nordic market by welcoming the Norwegian water utility, Nordre Follo Kommune – Vann og Avløp.

Nordre Follo is a leading and progressive municipality and has chosen to take on data|APX® as a digital tool for the future. Mats Prytz Halvorsrud, Nordre Follo Kommune Vann og Avløp, comments on why they choose to partner up with APX10:

“Nordre Follo municipality is growing rapidly and as a mean to manage this our focus is naturally on a digital transformation. We believe data|APX® is the future and that it will assist us, not only with rehabilitation of the network, but also address other relevant analysis within the municipality.

We haven’t encountered any other platform that combines data sources across IT systems like SCADA and GIS – providing an improved basis for decision-making.”

Together with our Norwegian partner, Pedab Group, we at APX10 are bringing an effortless asset management approach through data|APX® to Norway, with a dedicated focus on supporting municipal operated utilities in the water and wastewater segment.

“In Pedab we see this solution as a breakthrough for municipal utilities to unlock hidden insights and make data available for decision-making and planning. We look forward to working with Nordre Follo who early in the process saw the value of using modern technology and machine learning as a tool to reduce costs and risk of failure of critical infrastructure.”
Kim Nielsen, Director, Data & Analytics, Pedab Group.

Through their specialized Data & Analytics business area Pedab is introducing the data|APX® solution to the water utility market in Norway.

“With our born global approach we are ensuring a local market fit together with an easy onboarding and a comprehensive understanding of local available data such as GIS data, CMMS data and SCADA data which is a perfect fit for the data|APX platform.”
Ulrich Hansen, CEO, APX10.

At APX10 we are looking forward to announcing many more Norwegian and other Nordic utilities.


Data is ready – digital is here to stay – get onboard!

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