Customer Stories

Klaus Hvass Kjeldgaard Fors APX10 customer story

Fors Utility: Improved asset management decision-making through enhanced use of APX®

Danish utility company Fors is on the forefront with their pragmatic asset management thinking and introduction of data analytics pushing the digital asset management agenda forward.

Nordre Follo has improved its data quality and now has better insights

Nordre Follo is a growing municipality with a strong focus on keeping costs down for its residents, while ensuring good drinking water and the environment around them.

Herning Vand saves 10-15% in OPEX and CAPEX on an annual basis

In the municipality of Herning, Denmark, the local water and wastewater utility – Herning Vand – faces several challenges like changes in extreme weather events and infrastructure in increasingly poor condition.

Arwos uses data|APX® to avoid sewage breakdown and optimize I&I reductions

In the municipality of Aabenraa, Denmark, the local wastewater utility – ARWOS – faces several challenges like changes in extreme weather events, rising groundwater levels and infrastructure in increasingly poor condition.

Easy Customer Onboarding

We often meet a skeptical attitude towards IT implementation projects. Hear our customers discuss their experiences with our APX® implementation projects in this video.

Jesper Mau Kristensen says “IT implementations can often be more resourceful than expected”. 

Listen to how we stick to our onboarding plan while staying within the project budget.

A Fast Track to Improved Data Quality

The road to digitalization for a utility starts with available data. This video shows how we help create an overview of where the utilities have the needed data. And how our solution can envision where there is potential for data cleansing.

In the video Klaus Hvass Kjeldgaard talks about an eye-opener for FORS. “Our data wasn´t as valid as we thought it was.”

Discover some of the reasons behind the improvement in our customers’ data quality.

Herning Vand and APX10s collaboration has received an IWA Projects Innovation Awards

Selected among more than 200 projects from 50 countries in the category ‘Smart Systems and the Digital Water Economy’ the APX10™ software received the silver medal.

According to the International Water Association this award celebrates digital solutions with the potential to reshape the water sector. Harnessing and aligning this technology between the physical and digital worlds, creates a smarter way of managing and protecting water resources and building a water-wise society.

The cooperation with Herning Vand and other Danish utilities has contributed to APX10 being today the market leader in Denmark in decision support software for pipeline renewal, and the software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution APX® entering several international markets.

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