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Asset-centric organisations such as utilities are constantly being challenged to maintain and optimise the performance of their infrastructure assets. data|APEX is a dedicated asset performance management (APM) software solution that embodies latest technology and industry expertise to meet those challenges.


We deal with APM in a lean, smart and efficient way by combining the strengths of Cloud, SaaS, open-source technology and domain-based analytics with embedded machine learning neural networks and GIS.

We call this data|APEX.

data|APEX is about mastering machine learning and artificial intelligence to train algorithms to identify patterns that can predict potential failures and conditions. It is founded on domain expertise gained from working in utilities with asset management software and technical consultancy for several decades.

We are highly experienced with GIS. This allows us to use network-specific and sensor data to provide segmented predictions and analyses that understand not only consumer behaviour and impact, but also network criticality.

We integrate network effects into our algorithms and predictions by analysing data from a large number of utilities – we call this data-driven industry best practice.

Key possibilities:

  • Reduce unplanned breakdowns by integrating domain-specific predicative analysis based on industry network effects and advanced machine learning.
  • Comprehensive risk analysis including domain-based impact and cost functions for a better overview.
  • Reliability and high confidence in outcomes based on extensive industry experience and best practice algorithms.
  • Asset management strategy visualisation and input that optimise performance as a priority of industry variables.
  • Improvement in the management decision-making process through the collaborative platform.
  • Easier reporting and dialogue with an intuitive and strong yet simple visual interface.
  • Plug-and-play SaaS enabling easy deployment with client-specific integrations and minimum consultancy services.
  • IT costs relating to possible system swaps or workflow changes are reduced by drawing on data from legacy systems and being an open platform.
  • Clients are given up-to-date insights using dynamic data sourcing.

data|APEX takes you to a new level of asset understanding.

Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management (APM) software is tailored to meet the requirements of increasing climate and environmental risks, regulatory compliance demands, and the need for more efficient operational and maintenance cost structures, as well as the challenges of adapting new technology.

Asset performance management (APM) encompasses data capture, integration, visualisation and analytics capabilities packaged together for the explicit purpose of improving the reliability and availability of physical assets. APM includes condition monitoring, predictive forecasting and reliability-centred maintenance (RCM) concepts.” Gartner, 2017

We believe that dynamic APM solutions are the way forwards.

Asset Strategy

Utilities are facing ageing infrastructures and workforces, the capital to invest in new equipment is politically regulated and the industry has a continuing focus on efficiency. The key to creating the right asset strategy is new ways and means of optimising decision-making to improve performance, reduce costs and minimise risks.

Through priority-based recommendation management, our solution brings together relevant data and utilises best practices to create industry-specific analyses, leading to better and more informed decision making.

Predictive Analysis

The core of our platform is deep analytics. By aggregating data, we form the foundation for building our competencies in statistical modelling, leading to machine learning algorithms that integrate neural network analysis.

This enables us to predict unknown and future conditions as well as scenarios for optimised investments in infrastructure.

Risk Analysis

We believe that risk is one of the most significant guidance measures in asset-centric organisations. Through strong network visualisation, we present criticality and impact analyses. We make it possible for clients to forecast future risk.

This insight reduces the risk of failure as well as unforeseen activities, therefore minimising maintenance costs and providing more reliable assets. This ultimately increases the organisation’s overall service level.

We are an IBM partner and use cognitive Watson technology. With Watson, we can conduct thorough, domain-specific research faster and uncover insights and new opportunities by combing through data sources and extracting the most important information. We use Watson in our platform to help make more confident and targeted recommendations by drawing from a broad set of data.

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