APX10™ partners with Valogik in Sweden

New partnership!

We at APX10 are happy to welcome Valogik AB to our globally expanding partner network. Valogik AB will have a valuable role in bringing digital asset management transformation to utility customers in Sweden with the introduction of the proven software-as-a-service solution data|APX®

Valogik AB will service the Swedish market of municipalities and utilities with a leading water and wastewater specialist based in Åre and Stockholm, Sweden.

“At Valogik, we have experience and knowledge of the VA operational challenges in Sweden. We understand the difficulty in carrying out long-term asset management plans.That is why we’re proud to have collaborated with APX10 and to have their award-winning software from IWA 2022 included in our portfolio. So, as a utility – if you want to make use of all the data you have in your organization today – give us a call and let’s put your data to work.”

– Magnus Prahl, CEO, Valogik AB

The cooperation with strong partners and Nordic utilities has contributed to APX10 being today the market leader in Denmark in decision support software for pipeline renewal in water and wastewater utilities, and the partnership with company Valogik AB will be key in entering the very promising Swedish market.

”With a huge demand for services to help improve water and wastewater reinvestment decisions, Valogik AB already has an established network of key public and private stakeholders in Sweden. We are confident that Valogik AB can deliver on our ambitions for the Swedish market and are fully prepared to support this strong partnership”

– Morten Kristensen, Sales Director, APX10.

APX10 continues to grow its customer and partner base and look forward to welcoming many more partners in the Nordics and the rest of the world.

About Valogik AB:
Valogik AB is a consulting company with a strong expertise in strategic use of data. The company work with client support, investigation and design in water and sewerage for clients such as SEOM, Stockholms Hamnar and Panghus.


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