Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in Utilities Bridges the Time Efficiency Gap 

One of the most significant challenges facing the utility sector today is the shortage of time. Time to overcome the challenge of planning for the future and simultaneously enhance daily operations – something that digital solutions greatly influence, especially with utility teams onboarding new employees at a higher pace.

Soon after implementing the APX® platform, our customers experienced considerable time-saving results. By leveraging advanced digital tools, they can streamline operations and efficiently integrate new team members, bridging the time efficiency gap with digital transformation.  

A substantial benefit is that new employees in project and planning departments no longer need to constantly consult more experienced colleagues with questions. 

The APX® platform empowers new employees to work independently, saving time and providing significant benefits for our organization.

Peter Linde

Project Manager, Skive Vand

Utilities are under increasing pressure to improve planning and operational efficiency. Oftentimes, increased efficiency can be achieved through intelligent reinvestments that support sustainability efforts. There are digital tools available to utilities that can assist in optimizing this work. However, many teams lack the time to implement these digital solutions, even though they would ultimately boost efficiency. 

Many utilities are caught in daily operational demands, leaving little room for the strategic planning and execution required for new digital initiatives. Maintenance, emergency repairs, regulatory compliance, and customer service are all critical functions that demand immediate attention. Consequently, utilities are forced to deprioritize the time required to review, select, and integrate new digital solutions. 

For many utilities, the first step toward enhancing operational efficiency through digital solutions is recognizing the long-term value of digital transformation and prioritizing the implementation time.

Expand your Bandwidth

The APX® platform enables employees to work more independently, and substantially reduces time spent navigating multiple systems or searching for information. Integrating everything onto a single platform maximizes efficiency and productivity, leading to better outcomes and a more satisfied workforce. 

This is why another distinct example of time optimization occurs when the municipality, a private citizen, or a developer contacts the utility with specific questions. Employees can quickly check the APX® platform and respond immediately, streamlining the process that previously required them to consult multiple colleagues for the same answer.

With APX®, we have everything gathered on one platform, eliminating the need to browse through four different systems to find the answer.

Peter Linde

Project Manager, Skive Vand

Despite the evident benefits of digitalization, such as increased efficiency, greater data accuracy, improved job satisfaction, and enhanced customer service, many utilities still struggle to allocate the necessary time and resources for these projects.  

By overcoming the internal perception of bandwidth lack, utilities can unlock significant benefits, including more solid decision-making and higher service delivery. Allocating time to implement digital solutions is crucial for optimizing efficiency and should be considered a key priority for every organization. 

Morten Kristensen

APX10 Sales Director – Nordics

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