Data Scientist Student Assistant

Do you have an interest in data wrangling and programming and are you interested in working on pressing issues facing utilities within the water sector?

Then the position as Data Scientist (Student) Assistant might be the right fit for you.

Turning global water challenges into opportunities with APX10
Globally, we see immediate water and climate challenges, which needs urgent attention. At APX10 we work with utility data providing advanced data analytics through our data|APX® platform. We highlight water utility infrastructure reinvestments needs and generate customer value out of their existing data. This is helping utilities and cities to overcome the challenges of increased urbanization, aging infrastructure, and climate changes.

In other words, we make a real impact.

We are growing and thus expanding our team of data experts

As we scale and grow our business with new market entries, we are looking for a student assistant based out of Aalborg, Denmark.

You will be anchored within our development team that is split between our offices in Aalborg and Aarhus. The team consists of programmers and developers specialized in the fields of Software Development, Geographic Information Systems and Environmental Engineering.  All of which are fundamental in order to provide solutions to the complex challenges our utility customers deal with.

Your background & experience

You are either in your last year of a bachelor’s program or studying at a master’s level at a program within or related to the fields of Software Development, Data Science or Environmental Sciences.

From your studies you must have either:

  • Experience in the field of software development or data science and an appetite to learn about and work within the domain of wastewater and water utility systems
  • Or experience in the field of Environmental Sciences / Civil Engineering with limited programming or scripting experience, but with an interest in improving your programming and scripting skills as a mean to learn how to translate your domain knowledge into code

Since you will be working both with data and domain related problems to Water and Wastewater systems, experience with or completion of courses with in one or more of the following will be an advantage:

  • One or more programming languages (mainly Python or C#)
  • Query language for rational databases (mainly dialect for PostgreSQL)
  • GIS software (QGIS or ArcGIS) and data formats
  • Time Series data and analytics
  • Design and challenges regarding Urban Water infrastructure
  • Applied Statistics
  • Hydrology

Can you solve real world challenges?

Our software platform addresses real world challenges and you can expect to help implement solutions such as:

  • Economical valuations of pipe assets along with economical depreciation models
  • Consequence of Failure assessment to prioritize pipe assets based on their expected criticality in regards to both the local and overall functionality of the pipe network
  • Likelihood of Failure assessment to help with prioritization of pipe assets for refurbishment
  • Development of dry weather flow models for pump stations in sewer system to quantify the degree to which a system is adverse effected by Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) from groundwater and/or rainfall related surface inflow
  • Using SCADA data to analyze overflow durations in sewer systems
  • Quantify water loss within District Metering Areas (DMAs) using SCADA data

Essential to these analytics are the development and maintenance of pipelines for data collection and transformation, but also development of initial Proof of Concepts to determine feasibility before adoption to the platform. It is within these areas that we mainly envision your primary focus.

With regards to our data pipelines these are split into pipelines specific to the vendors of our customers (SCADA, pipe registration etc.) and pipelines specific to country/region (Digital Elevation Models, weather APIs, road networks etc.).

Tasks will include:

  • Onboarding of new customers including data collection from relevant vendor systems
  • Entering new countries/regions including identifying and collecting available data needed for our existing analytics to work
  • Support our customer base with regards to issues related to our pipelines for data acquisition and transformation
  • Initial literature study
  • Mapping data sources relevant for analysis
  • Initial data exploration including data quality assessment of available data


Join a start-up environment with a professional business mentality

Play a vital role in helping utilities and cities to better overcome the challenges of increased urbanization, aging infrastructure, and climate changes.

  • Our solution helps water, wastewater and district heating utilities embrace data and become digital utilities of the future
  • We offer you the opportunity to work hands-on with software and business development tasks and thus gain fist hand experience with the process of scaling up a SaaS business.
  • Promote and improve a platform that incapsulates some of the most relevant big data and analysis tools built for smart water.
  • You will become part of a well-funded early-stage company in the process of scaling internationally.
  • You will join a team of die-hard colleges and become part of a culture that thrive on having fun while making progress for our clients.
  • We run the company as a lean startup with personal freedom and agility in mind, so planning your own daily tasks and agenda is not an option – it’s a must.

You will joining a fun start-up environment with clear goals and high ambitions. We work dedicated in a customer-centric manner – and we love to celebrate the achievements on our journey together.

About APX10

APX10 is a Nordic market-leading SaaS company integrating disruptive tech to the rapidly digitizing water sector in Northern Europe and North America. APX10 helps utilities become more data-driven, allowing water and wastewater utilities and municipalities to make valuable decisions based on their proprietary digital asset management and big data analytics platform data|APX®.

The firm is a portfolio company of Cimbria Capital, a private equity investment firm based in United States and Denmark conducting growth and expansion capital investments in the Water Economy

Our company is based in Aarhus just 1 min walk from the Central Station, and we have just recently opened the new office in Aalborg which will be the primary work place for this position. We are currently 10 employees and expect to grow steadily over the next years as we enter more international markets.

Practical information

Primary workplace: APX10 A/S, Fredrik Bajers Vej 300, 9220 Aalborg (GrowAAL East workspace)

Our office language is Danish and English, and you will become an integrated part of the team from day one. We expect that you speak and write English fluently.

Application deadline is August 30 2022. We will conduct interviews as we receive applications.

For this position we expect a workload of 10-15 hours per week.

For more information/questions, please contact, Data Engineer & Co-founder, Casper Sjøstedt Jellesen @  or via phone number +45 29422108

For further information reach out to


Casper Sjøstedt Jellesen

Data Engineer & Co-founder