Customer Story / Nordre Follo

Nordre Follo Municipality has improved its data quality dramatically and now has better data insights

”We have fixed over 75% of Gemini (GIS) failures, and increased data quality by over 50%. This means that we actually have data that can be used by the whole company, without tying up too much time in operations.”

Mats Prytz Halvorsrud, Project Manager / Innovation and Automotive systems

Nordre Follo APX10 Customer story

Case Introduction

Nordre Follo is a growing municipality with a strong focus on keeping costs down for its residents, while ensuring good drinking water and the environment around them.

Nordre Follo Municipality was established on 1 January 2020 by merging Ski and Oppegård municipalities. With the merger water professionals of the city quickly experienced a lot of error validations when their two old network systems were combined. As the previous municipalities had been working apart that data were entered differently creating a data quality challenge for both the planning & operation departments of the city.

The specific lack of data quality follow up meant that in most cases it was often necessary for the city to go out to check accuracy, which took a lot of time. Pipelines projects on action lists alone were selected from operational/project opinions, and not always according to fact/data insights.

With now purchased and easy implemented asset management software from APX10 Nordre Follo has got the data quality issue under control and furthermore now easily can document why they choose to prioritize specific network projects in the city.

With simple keystrokes in the data|APX® platform everyone in the Nordre Follo organization has access to an modern analytics tool and can from day to day see the “state of the network”, presented in innovative graphs and dynamic maps.

Fact box

530 Km Wastewater & stormwater sewers

300 Km Drinking water network

61 K Inhabitants


Mats Prytz Halvorsrud

Project Manager / Innovation and Automotive systems

How is data|APX® used in everyday life at Nordre Follo Municipality?
We are starting to use the software continuously in projects now, and we are adding scada data as we speak. In the future, we will also implement this approach into the operations department, this to facilitate the work for operations to find likely water leaks at major events. There, APX10 has hit the mark in most cases. Thanks to Inflow & Infiltration module, we also now have the possibility to work with target figures, which creates internal engagement with the colleagues in operation dept. as well.

Can you give concrete examples of how you use data|APX® in e.g. your water & wastewater departments?
We use it actively for leakage detection, where we have a specific area, so we see where APX10 assesses the condition of the pipeline as worst, then we start at No. 1 on the dynamic priority list and work our way across the network area. It saves us 2 to 4 people normally looking in the ”dark”. It makes us very accurate and saves time.

The project department also use the software tool from APX10 instead of their own assessments around the most preferred action plan when it comes to pipeline projects.

Going forward we will actively use the Inflow & Infiltration module to limit unwanted releases to the environment.

What are the opportunities of working strategically and operationally with your own utility data?
The possibilities are enormous, we as a municipality will be accurate, both in planning and operation. It creates positive energy across the whole enterprise. As we see that the actions give good and early benefits.

What is the trend in Norway when it comes to digitalisation in the water industry, and hence increased data use among municipalities?
Many municipalities have technical solutions for digitisation. But there are many out there who do not specify what need they have for the actual use of the solutions. Often the solutions become a bunch of licenses, and little follow-up internally, to ever get a real benefit out of it. Experience also shows that often when a solution is sold, there is little follow-up from the provider, which again leads to half-baked solutions.

What other challenges do you expect to be solved in the future by increased data use?
We will increase our data quality further and get rid of extraneous data from the network. Also, we aim to reduce fees to residents by including impact/condition assessment before project start.

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